Traditional Soapstone Kal Chatti / Mavu Chatti (Seasoned)


Know More About This Product :Traditional Soapstone Kal Chatti / Mavu Chatti (Seasoned)
Trendy Kal Chatti is hand-crafted from soapstone. It has a pot shaped body and firmly extended handles. It is black in color and made by authentically crafted by traditional artisans of Tamil Nadu. Our trendy kal chatti can be used for cooking on modern gas stove. Although being traditional cookware it perfectly fits in modern kitchen

Product Specifications

Material : Stone
Common Name : Trendy Kal Chatti

Size (Litre)Diameter (Inch)Height (Inch)Weight (kg)Tolerance in Volume
1LApprox. 4 – 5Approx. 3.5 – 51 – 2+/- 100
1.5LApprox. 5 – 8Approx. 4.5 – 51 – 2+/- 150
2LApprox. 7 – 8Approx. 6 – 72 – 3+/- 200
2.5LApprox. 9 – 11Approx. 9 – 103 – 4+/- 200
3LApprox. 9 – 12Approx. 9 – 103 – 4+/- 200
3.5LApprox. 12 – 13Approx. 10 – 114 – 5+/- 200

Researches state, In India the use of soapstone was known even before 3rd century B.C. and is still used for religious purposes in temples.

Since we provide only unique and handcrafted products, there can be a slight difference with regards to dimensions and weight.

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