Sungudi: Elephant design with contrast border


  • Black
  • Dark green
  • Light green
  • Navy Blue
  • Orange red
  • Persian Blue
  • Tumeric yellow
  • Yellow
Estimated delivery date 12th Mar - 14th Mar

The following are the details of the saree:

Fabric: Cotton

Craft: Sungudi Sarees

Pattern: Weaved

Color: Black,Light green, Orange red, Persian blue, Tumeric yellow, Yellow, Dark green, Navy blue.

Pure Sungudi sarees have been a part of Indian traditions for numerous centuries. They uphold a certain valor of elegance. Get these Sungudi sarees with contrast borders that incorporate beautiful, intricate elephant motifs. The border pattern is traditional right down to every detailed design on the elephants and around. This standout incorporation of India reassemblance is profusely what makes the sarees such an attraction.

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