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Handwoven Ponduru Khadi Saree With Temple Border

The khadi saree with its temple border from Ponduru is a story in itself. It speaks of craft, society and occasion.

Uniqueness of Handmade Ponduru Saree?s

  1. About the fabric it is produced from a special variety of cotton called Punas cotton, hill white cotton and red cotton. The cotton is of very short staple length produced in Srikakulum area
  2. The raw seeded cotton is ginned with the help of Valuga fish jawbone. This fish is only found in that area. Then it is fluffed and smoothed with the help of fine sticks which also remove the waste.
  3. Slivering is done with a bow and carding is done with the help of a wooden machine. The slivers are handmade and kept in a dried banana stem.
  4. This is one of the only places where still single spindle charkha is used for spinning. Yarn upto 120s count can be spun in white cotton while upto 60s can be spun with red cotton.

Wear This Handmade Ponduru Khadi Saree And Walk In Elegance This Summer.

The Following Is What The Handmade Ponduru Khadi Saree Contains:

  • 5.5 M Saree Length

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