Stone Grinder (Sil Batta)


Know More About This Product : Stone Grinder (Sil Batta)

Conventional Ammi Kal or Sil Batta for the most part valuable to get ready zest blends for traditional Indian Cuisine by smashing the ​garlic, onion and other ingredients between the flat stone (Sil) and the crushing stone (Batta). This stone made Sil Batta will satisfy the exemplary ambiance of your Kitchen.

Product Specifications

Material : Stone
Common Name : Hand Grinder

Height (Inch)length (Inch)Width(Inch)Weight (kg)
Approx. 2Approx. 9Approx. 6Approx. 10
Approx. 2Approx. 11Approx. 7Approx. 12
Approx. 2.25Approx.12Approx. 8Approx. 13
Approx. 2Approx. 13Approx. 8.5Approx. 14
Approx. 3.25Approx. 14Approx. 9Approx. 22

Eco-factor :Along with Traditional significance,Stoneware has environmental benefits as they are chemically neutral and do not react with acidic or alkaline substances.

Since we provide only unique and handcrafted products, there can be a slight difference with regards to dimensions and weight.

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