Soapstone Curd Pot (1L)


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Traditional Curd Pot is hand-carved from soapstone. This utensil has a pot shape body with a lid for covering. It is crafted by traditional craftsmen of Tamil Nadu. Our curd pot can be used for storing curd, milk, curries, sambar and so on. This pot is a great fusion of traditional cookware with modern look.

Product Specifications

Material : Stone
Common Name : Yogurt Container

Circumference (Inch)Height (Inch)Weight (kg)Tolerance in Volume
Approx. 5-6Approx. 4-52.5-3+/- 100

The word soapstone is derived from Brazilian word “pedra-sabao”.Researches state soapstone has been used right since 17th century

Since we provide only unique and handcrafted products, there can be a slight difference with regards to dimensions and weight.

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