Ponduru Khadi saree in Black and Pink


Know More About: Ponduru Khadi

Fabric: Ponduru Khadi
Craft: Handloom and Handblock print
Pattern: Handloom Ponduru Khadi
Color: Black and Pink (Dual Combination)
Crafted by: Traditional craftsmen from Andhra Pradesh
Region of origination: Andhra Pradesh, India

Saree Dimensions:
Saree: 5.50 meters

Weave factor: Imitation fashion is on the rise when it comes to Ponduru Khadi sarees, this takes away the light from the true artist. We go to extended lengths to only have traditional craftsmen on board, the craftsmen and artist who create sarees the traditional way. This traditional method of creation also helps the environment since the process is completely nature-friendly.

About: These ponduru khadi sarees presented to you incorporates dual colors of Pink and black. The border of the saree is pink while the majority is Black, the handloom quality is seen on the body of the saree , there is a distinctive designed loomed on the edge of the saree, this design is referred to as temple border. The colors go hand in hand, the delicacy along with the pink accents on the sarees ties everything together. The loom of the saree is clearly visible along with that the quality of the saree is as well.

Lets get back to our traditions! – Ecohindu

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