Matka Silk Jamdani saree in white with maroon border and floral motifs


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Product specification:

Length (saree) : 6.25 meter

Blouse piece attached (contrast)


This Saree is commonly woven by the customary handloom style. These patterns are intriguing and so often found. This Matka muslin jamdani saree is of premium quality. This saree incorporates specific designs all over its body, giving the full-body saree a subtle and rich look. Our site melds an extraordinary collection of dhakai jamdani silk sarees in various shades and designs. These sarees are hand-woven by standard pros and so are very genuine. Each color can oblige your own tendencies. These sarees are affluent in history similarly as in their appearance, which is the explanation it should be your next buy.

Weave factor:

Imitation fashion is on the rise; this takes away the light from the true artist. We go to extended lengths to only have traditional craftsmen on board, the craftsmen and artist who create sarees the traditional way. This traditional method of creation also helps the environment since the process is completely nature-friendly. These sarees are hand woven by traditional craftsmen, which is why they are selectively available and only incorporate traditional designs.

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