Copper Modak Patra ( Indian steamer)

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Product Description:-

Know More About Our Modak Patra

Modak Patra’s are essentially steamers, they are used to make dumplings which incorporate jaggery and coconut ( also traditionally renowned as modak ). Our modak patra online is crafted from copper and is hand-hammered, the patra is finished off with brass handles for easy portability and convenience. This quintessential utensil comes in handy especially during the festive season as modak is a staple sweet dish during this time of the year.

Product Specifications:-

  • Product: Modak Patra ( Indian Steamer )
  • Material:Pure Copper with brass handles
  • Common Name:Modak Patra
  • Unit: 1


  • Diameter: 8.5 inches
  • Width:11 inches
  • Weight:1 kg 960 grams

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