Bronze (Kansa) Dinner Set ( Thali Set) 5PCS


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1 Pc. Thali (12 Inch) , 1 Pcs. Katori (4.5 Inch), 1 Pc. Sweet Dish (4.5 inch) , 1 Pc. Spoon & 1 Pc. Glass (200 ml) Wt : 1.500 Kg.

Bronze is good source of copper and tin and Brass is good source of copper and zinc. The health benefits of copper include proper growth of the body, efficient utilization of iron, proper enzymatic reactions, as well as improved health of connective tissues, hair, and eyes.

The mystery of the metal has been continuously been unfolding since Bronze Age, about 3000 years ago. Ayurveda further taught us that eating and drinking from alkalinising metals like Kansa vessels has wellness benefits for our health and well being. Kansa kitchenware is also called the hands of grace.

It is believed that using Kansa to eat our food and drink water from on a daily basis enhances our immunity apart from purifying the food.
Kansa is a good conductor of heat and retains heat well, thereby keeping the food warmer and its contents richer for a longer period of time.
Kansa utensils makes the items germicidal depending upon the type and concentration of pathogens and the medium they are in, it kills these micro organisms within a few minutes to hours of contact.
The potential efficacy of its components improves indoor air quality.
It is suitable for daily use because it is wear and tear resistant, bright, scratch and wrinkle resistant for decades.

lets revive the old glory back and reap benefits in the form of good health. Get back to our traditions-

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