Cast Iron Dutch Pot


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Kown More About: Dutch Pot

Material- Cast Iron
Common name- Dutch pot
Dimensions- Length: 24 cm
Height: 8cms
Breath: 24 cm (including glass lid)
Capacity: 1.5ltr
Weight- 2.35 kg

Product Description: If these is one kitchen utensils which has prevailed successfully in ever kitchen and across the globe its the Dutch Pot. Our Dutch pot is create from pure cast iron, adding additional health benefits to its already established cooking convenience. Use our cast iron dutch pot for fulfilling an ample amount of your cooking needs. Choose to cook curries, deep fry food, or make other conventional dishes as well. Shop our Dutch Pot and fulfill the traditional ambiance of your kitchen.

Eco-factor: According to a study 50% percent of women in most countries suffer from Iron deficiency. By following in the path of our ancestors foot steps by using cast iron cook ware, we can solve this problem. Iron cookware helps improve Iron and Hemoglobin levels.

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