Cast Iron Cooking Pot (kadai)


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Know more about: Cast Iron Kadai

Material– Cast Iron
Common name– Cooking pot
Dimensions– Length:30 cm
Breadth:23 cm
Weight– 2.05 kg

Product Description: Cooking pots are an essential utensil in every kitchen. This specific Cooking pot is traditionally referred to as kadai. The names is based on is large circumference and its ability to fulfill one’s cooking and frying needs. Cast Iron has a an ancestral significance because of its convenience and health benefits. Add our Cast Iron Kadai to your kitchen and make it your long term frying partner.

Eco-factor: Centuries preceding us made use of materials that had additional health benefits. Our ancestors did the same, Iron cookware tends to release iron into the food which is cooked. Hence increasing the nutritional value as well as taste.

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