Bronze Ice Cream Bowl Set


Know More About This Product : Bronze Ice Cream Bowl Set

Dessert bowl set or desert bowl set with each bowl having a round molded top and a stand. It is paired with an equally charming Bronze spoon. This set comprises of 6 glossy ice cream bowls. Shop our Ice cream bowl and enjoy the desert time with your family.

Product Specifications :- 

Material – Bronze (KANSA)
Composition – 78% Copper & 22% Tin

Weight – 3.5kg (Approx)
Set Contains – 6 Pc I-Cream Bowl


Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin. If you use Bronze Kitchenware, the daily intake of copper and tin ranges from 1-3 mg that in turn results in improved health of hair, eyes and connective tissues and even helps to regulate thyroid and cholesterol.

Since we provide only unique and handcrafted products, there can be a slight difference with regards to dimensions and weight.

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