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Brass Handmade Pital Pot Handi


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Product – Brass Handmade Pital Pot Handi
Dimension – 10 x 6 inch
Capacity – 3 Ltr
Weight – 1.2 kg


This top-class great multipurpose Brass Handmade Pital Pot Handi has a deep vessel top that is beneficial to prepare dinner all kinds of meals. They have wonderful silver shining. Made up of amazing Brass material, they are extraordinarily durable with a first-rate finish. Made up of first-rate Brass material, they are extremely long-lasting with a first-rate end. This is a hard and fast of centerpiece cookware for Indian food.


  • Brass Metal creation in the Indian subcontinent is gone back to the primary century BC
  • This Brass metal likewise presented sheltering.
  • Our ancestors used Brass since they believed it had several health benefits.
  • Several pieces of research have stated that our ancestral products are better.
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