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Handwoven Ponduru
Ponduru is often used as the synonym for India’s independence. The paramount reason behind this, is the interest Gandhiji took in it. Gandhiji had this vision wherein he believed a long with many other ways to boycott the British, another way would be by abandoning their apparel. He hence encouraged Indians to create their clothes from scratch. This resulted in the manufacturing of khadi and it is also why the village weavers of Andhra Pradesh take supreme pride in their ponduru creations. India at present encompasses a total of 2000 khadi societies. But the society has been facing a significant amount of problems because of duplication, which is why we encourage you to research before you purchase a Ponduru saree. We at weaving smiles do the same, our weavers are authentic and our Ponduru sarees are quality checked. Hence take the initiative of investing in our very own ponduru collection.