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Festival special
Certain scholars often claim that India was a country that celebrated everyday, making everyday a festival, which meant 365 festivals in the year. The people of India believed that every new day is a celebration about some component that life has to offer, a certain amount of exuberance was essentials for a happy life. When India is spoken about as a country it is renowned for the festivities that take place through out the year, the amount of color its embraces, the history its interlaced with, and the cultured and diverse people who make this country a home.
Each festival celebrated in India is more than a celebration, its a celebration with a purpose. These celebrations revolve around focusing on the good, focusing on the positive, the power of god over evil and the purpose of unity irrespective of caste, color, or religion. India is known to be one of the most diverse countries to have survived through the worst, and a lot of that survival is derived from how the country chooses to celebrate life inclined with god. Festivals were founded as a purpose to encourage dialogue between diverse cultures and to promote civic pride, making the country much
more secular and happy than it would be otherwise.