Traditional Iron Kadai (Small)


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Traditional Iron Kadai (Small) .

Available in pre-seasoned medium size, a Cast Iron Kadai (Small) comes with handles on both sides. The handles provide perfect mobility to let you roast or fry your food even on high flames.

That’s not all though! The cookware heats slow but once absorbed; the heat remains constant for a longer time. Cook your food evenly from the bottom of the kadai up-to-the surface in this cast iron cookware. Its medium size ensures you can cook at a go for 2-3 family members.

Without Iron Kadai your Kitchen will not fulfill the classic traditional ambience!!

Weight: 1.70 Kg (Approx)

Diameter: 19 cm Height: 7.5 cm (LxBxH)

Get back to our Tradition – Ecohindu


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