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What’s clay cookware?

Clay cookware is crafted from 100% naturally available materials (materials given us by nature). Cooking in clay is an alternative to cooking in stainless vessels which can be harmful for your health over a period of time.

Is it safe?

Since clay cookware is crafted in a completely natural manner, it is also 100% Eco-friendly. Because of these factors clay cookware is as safe as safe can be. You will not have to worry about ingesting any chemicals like you do otherwise,

Can it go on direct flame?

Yes, clay cookware can be directly used on the flame. Although you should make sure that your clay cookware is crafted with flame ware clay and a special glaze. Flame ware cookware can be placed over the stove top, grill, smoker, and oven.

Do you need to season and if yes, then how?

Sometimes, clay cookware needs to be seasoned. Although the clay cookware which Ecohindu incorporates does not need to be seasoned.

Will my food stick to the sides or bottom?

Clay cookware is just like any other cookware. All you have to do for your food to not stick on clay cookware is to put a little oil before you cook it.

How is clay cookware crafted?

Since Clay cookware is crafted from all natural material. Clay utensils are crafted by potters (at Ecohindu we have traditional craftsmen). A mound of clay is centered on what is called a throwing wheel, and as the wheel spins the potter uses the foot pedal, the potter sculpts, clay using water, their hands, and tools. Once the design is formed, the pot is left out to dry and then is placed in the kiln for firing. Once this process is complete, the potter glazes the piece using different materials. Once glazed it goes back into the kiln for more firing. Once the process is completed, the utensils are ready to use.

What are the advantages of utilizing clay cookware?

There are numerous advantages to utilizing clay cookware. As referenced over, it’s made of all normal materials and is eco-accommodating. Earth additionally holds heat in a way that is better than metal cookware, which implies your food will remain hotter, longer. In the event that utilizing a piece with a top, it flows the steam from retaining overabundance water because of its permeable capacities, permitting your food to be cooked in its common juices, making a superior flavor and securing nutrients making it a better supper. Look at this article for additional subtleties.

Will the color change or blur?

It might obscure over the long haul with its utilization, however whenever cleaned appropriately it should hold its color pleasantly.

Does is scratch?

Clayware is scratch safe, so you can utilize any kind of cooking tool on it (wood, metal, plastic, and so on)

How would I cook with it?

Since clay wear holds heat obviously superior to metal cookware. It takes more time to heat up and cool. On the off chance that you turn the flame far up to warm the dish quicker, that flame will continue to come through after you turn the burner down, which might actually consume your food. Check food intermittently. In the event that a dish looks near done, take it out on the grounds that it will keep on cooking in the pot. Or on the other hand eliminate the food from the earth/ clay cookware when you think the food is prepared.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Indeed, yet for best cleaning results, hand washing with a scour scrub as coordinated above can be more compelling on harder to remove food cooked in the clay pots.

What would i be able to cook in it/what are its employments?

Anything your heart wants! Albeit numerous pieces begin from explicit societies, any kind of cooking can be made in them.

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